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Northern Lights Promotions is the home of Glozone™ reflective slap wraps and other high-vis promotional gifts.

The Magna Carta of road safety reflectors for non-professional use came about by way of the European Safety Standard CE EN 13356 at the turn of this century, and has been a milestone for personal road safety in terms of high visibility reflective wear ever since.

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As a consequence, we are now able to distinguish between the toy, substandard look-alikes, and the serious life-saving reflectors, and make informed decisions we can live with.

A similar analogy would be to compare a New Year's eve fireworks rocket with a certificated yachting emergency flare.

These too would differ very much in quality and specifications, price, and above all, performance. While to a layman it could be argued that both simply shoot up in the air and are lit, others might appreciate that one is a bit of visual fun, and the other is there to save lives.

We are asking everyone to take onboard this distinction for the benefit of all our communities across the UK.

Northern Lights Promotions are leading UK specialist suppliers of custom printed Glozone™ reflective slap wraps and other high-visibility accessories for personal road safety.

Our Glozone™ range of reflective accessories was the first in the whole of Europe to comply with the all-important Safety Standard CE EN 13356 for personal use, and to attain certification accordingly. Prior to this event, there were no guidelines governing reflectors for "non-professional use".

We specialize in personal reflective accessories for personal road safety awareness campaigning and business promotion.

Our purpose, vision, goals and values:

Our purpose

Driven by our purpose of protecting and saving the lives of pedestrians and cyclists on roads, we enable organizations to advance their profile as a responsible member of their community, and to focus their role of contributing as a stakeholder thereof.

Our vision

To contribute to a UK-wide impact on personal road safety for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages for a sustainable, healthier and safer future.

Our goals

• To reduce road accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, fatal or otherwise.

• To be instrumental in improving the non-motorised road environment experience by encouraging greater fitness through cycling and walking.

• To encourage a lesser dependency on cars at local level, benefiting the air quality for respiratory health through the reduction of surface-level Carbon Monoxide caused by exhaust soot.

• To inform and educate organizations about the dangers of buying and distributing discounted toy reflector look-alike's that are unfit for personal road safety.

Our values

• We build trust and confidence
• We never compromise on quality or integrity
• We are committed to innovation and teamwork
• We care for our customers and each other
• We embrace challenges and deliver results


It's all about lives. Choose responsibly.Glozone™ reflective promotional gifts are fit for purpose.

Glozone™ reflective promotional gifts are made with passion to European Safety Standard CE EN 13356 and have attained certification accordingly.

See our Products Page for our full range of personal high visibility reflectors.

Make the right choice, for together we can make a difference!

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Oyvind Tangen
UK Sales & Marketing

“We’re different – We’re not indifferent”

Glozone - An industry leading name in reflective hi-viz promotional merchandise
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Glozone personal high-vis reflectors stand out  from the rest

Glozone™ personal reflectors stand out from the rest. Reassuring for riders and pedestrians alike.



Encourage the use of compliant high visibility reflectives in your community. Click here to read article on road safety and reflective lifestyle accessories ! Click here to read article on road safety and reflective lifestyle accessories !



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Northern Lights Promotions are all about  promotiong personal road safety

Northern Lights Promotions are all about promotion personal road safety



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