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Safety Standard CE EN 13356 compliance

There are safety standard ce en 13356 compliant reflective accessories and then there are non-compliant reflective accessories. The former is for personal road safety use.

The former are manufactured using reflective film that complies with the strict specifications laid down by the governing standards for the purpose of saving lives in traffic.

The latter is more often than not, confused with the former, and usually on purpose by buyer and seller alike. It's a bit like the old "topping-up the bottle with the cheap stuff" lark in catering where mark-ups are stretched. And buyers of non-compliant reflectives get mistaken for people of organisations with a genuine concern and for a lesser outlay.

The under-spec copies look passable, and for those who are not quite up to snuff with the business-end of promotional activity, or just not particularly concerned with the plight of personal road safety, they must seem quite the bargain.

Buyers of cheap copies often dismiss this truth by claiming they are not going to use them for road safety, they are just for a promotional gimmick. After their event however, what will people make of these cheap gimmicks that look like reflective wear for personal road safety?

It's just not responsible business conduct and everybody knows it.

Responsible organisations and campaigners would simply not associate their name and reputation with anything less than the compliant quality when lives are at stake, and nor would we.

What to look out for:

  1. Manufacturers and resellers who do not make any reference to the CE EN 13356 Safety Standard in their publications, leaving you to make the assumptions.

  2. Manufacturers and resellers who refer to the standard in their publications, but display wrong certification when very slow images finally load or simply links that are broken.

  3. Some refer to the standard but do not display certification: There is considerable cost involved in attaining certification, so those who have invested their resources and undergone the rigours demanded to attain such certification are hardly likely to neglect to show their potential customers that they have done so.

  4. Others make claims to manufacturing/reselling reflectors in accordance with CE EN 13356, but without attempting to show for it in any way.

It comes as no surprise then, that non-compliant and under-spec reflectors cost just a fraction of the real thing to make and, fun as they look, they're of little use for personal road safety.

And that's where the danger lies.

Lives are not cheap but our reflectives are great value
Sorry to shatter your illusions!

So, if you want your gift recipients to enjoy road safety compliments of your organisation, then insist on the real thing.

We were the first in all of europe to attain certification for our reflective accessories. We lead. We don't copy. We specialise in relective promotional gifts and remain at the forefront of this industry with product innovation and good service. We've built our reputation on it!

 Insist on seeing CE EN 13356 certification! Here is ours!

Road safety related Safety Standards and what they refer to:

CE on its own without reference to which category of safety standard, means nothing. A CE mark should always be linked with the number of the Standard it relates to.

EN on its own doesn't actually mean anything.

EN 71 is a Standard for toys and has no bearing on reflectivity or road safety at all.

EN 1150 is a Standard for reflective vests/gilets for personal use. (See below)

CE EN 13356 is a Standard for loose, reflective accessories for personal use. (See below)

EN 471 refers to larger areas of reflectivity (vests, jackets) with added resistance to chemical spills, fire, heat and, through classification I, II, and III respectively, EN 471 also refers to different numbers of washes the garment can endure without impairing the reflective qualities. This Standard is for professional use, and we offer a roadside breakdown vest that complies with this Standard. (The same Standard is for reflective garments worn by the police, ambulance personnel, Fire and rescue personnel, motorway maintenance personnel etc.)

For enquiries about reflective wear for professional use, please contact us.

CE EN 13356 Safety Standard for personal road safety

CE EN 13356. The Standard.







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