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CE EN 13356 Certification

Visible safety:

The year 2000 was an important year for the individuals and the reflective trade. In 2000 the first CE certification was given for compliance with the new European standard CE EN 13356: “Visibility accessories for non-professional use”.

Definition: "CE EN 13356 is the standard which is used for soft reflective free hanging accessories or ”dangling tags” ("items suspended from a garment or part of the body which is capable of hanging freely and of being removed by a conscious action") and soft removable accessories (items which are temporarily attached to a garment or on to part of the body and is removable without the aid of tools) both of which are used by private individuals (non-professional use)."

This was new. There has for several years been a standard, EN 471, which sets out the requirements and performance of ”High- visibility warning clothing for professional use” e.g. road workers, police, fire fighters, etc. – But, there was no regulation governing the road safety of “the man in the street”, or individual person.

This situation has led to large scale import and sale of low quality reflective accessories, some of which have a CE mark to suggest compliance to a quality standard. These low standard reflective accessories originate typically from the Far East.

These low quality products cost a fraction to manufacture compared with "the real thing" and just shows how the real road safety marketplace is being exploited. The individual user on the other hand, has very little chance of being seen, and by the time he or she is, it is often too late. This user would not even know to suspect his/her reflective is not what it seems!

There are more and more Road Safety Councils and pressure groups lobbying for legislation which would remove these barely-reflective products from the market place, and now that the CE EN 13356 certification is available, both manufacturers and buyers of reflective accessories are called upon to use only products which fulfil the requirements of this certificate.

This is important, so if you want to do something good for your community relations by way of road safety, then give the real thing. Only these can save lives.

But you don't have to be Einstein to work that one out!

Insist on the real thing. Glozone™ - Invaluable gifts for your stake-holders and community. Not to mention your reputation.

When you choose Glozone™ reflective promotional gifts you will know that they have been tested in accordance with, and found to comply with the requirements of CE EN 13356. And to ensure this quality at a glance, we print CE EN 13356 on the Glozone™ reflectors themselves!

Here are our certificates.

At Northern Lights Promotions we specialize in reflective promotional gifts for business promotion and campaigns, and for the road safety of individuals.

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Time for original Glozone™ high-vis reflective wear.

being seen in winter afternoon traffic with quality high-vis

A winter afternoon showing the benefit of high visibility reflective wristbands.

Beware of cheap imitations.

Insist on Safety Standard CE EN  certified reflectives

Insist on compliant reflectives

For road safety campaigning in your community

For the benefit of your stakeholders - and their families!



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