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Reflective high visibility key rings / hang tags

Standard shapes and sizes available:

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Dangle tags / hang tags / key fobs / key rings / Jitter bugs

This little nugget goes by many names!

  • Below is a recommended assortment of shapes and sizes to choose from.

  • All below are available as standard with no extra tooling costs.

  • Or go the whole hog and you can have your own key rings custom made to just about any shape or size of your design!

  • As a guide, a key ring / hang tag of 2 inches by 2 inches or 2 inches diameter, is the optimal reflective tag for your spend.
  • As a rule of thumb, the printable area is 3mm in from the weld on the outside edge of the key ring / jitter bug pendant shape.

Geometric reflective sticker shapes available as standard

> We offer FREE consultation and advise, and are here to help you.

> We can even do the artwork on your behalf, for a nominal charge, to ensure you arrive at a design to your satisfaction.

Special reflective sticker shapes available as standard

Please note that the shapes above are not to scale and for illustration purposes only.

All key ring / hang tag shapes above can be personalized.

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> Note! The Key rings are hanging tags with two sides. They have reflective material on the front as well as the back.

> We can personalize them with different print on the front to the back.

> We print internally or externally for your desired effect.

> We make the Glozone™ soft, high frequency welded dangling tags using world-renowned 3M Scotchlite™ High Gloss or Reflexite™ retro-reflective sheeting in either White or Fluorescent Lime - The only two colours reflective enough for personal road safety!

Do not confuse fluorescence with reflectivity. As specialists in our field, here at Northern Lights Promotions we appreciate this and other key distinctions too. But then, this is what we specialise in - It is what we do!

We are not sourcers of other people's products.

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trusted road safety every time

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Glozone reflective hang-tags, a.k.a. dangle tags, key rings, jitter bugs, or hanging tags. From Northern Lights Promotions, reflectives to fasten on trainers, bags & luggage, and clothing.
always be safe be seen!
Certified and compliant with the European Safety Standard CE EN 13356 for personal road safety (for non-professional use).
Reflective products with a true mission!



Versatile and strong, they're great for your lasting awareness campaign!

Certified reflectors for laptop and notebook carriers, personal reflectors for school, college and university, trekking and travel, work or commuting.

Highly visible personal safety for outdoor activities and pursuits.
Be different. Be noticed for giving trusted high-vis, not cheap imitations!






































Trusted life saving quality

Glozone™ high-vis key rings

Life-saving reflective promotion gifts
- Beware of misleading imitations!




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