reflective high vis stickers for personal road safety


If you are in the market for quality high-vis at lucky prices then do not miss out on this

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End of year trading bonuses

The scenario:

We are coming to the end of our current trading year and are very close to exceeding our targets by a specific margin.

How may this affect you?

Well, in order to ensure that we reach the sales figures we seek, we need to give you, our customers, a bit of a nudge as opposed to hoping for the best.

So, if you are in the market for our quality reflective high-vis accessories, we want to inspire you to buy now rather than later.

To truly make it worth your while - because the overall picture is quite a big deal to us - we are willing to succumb to the following:

We have a three-level incentive below that we trust you will appreciate, and hope you will be able to take advantage of too.



The challenge:

To take advantage of any of the three volume levels below, your order needs to be placed and paid in full / proof of payment, before Friday 20th February.

Your good luck; our mutual gain.



Super-incentive relates to slap wraps key rings stickers and soft velcro-attached wrist armbands  Printed or not



Save £ 400 when buying two and a half thousand reflectives



Save £ 600 when buying five thousand reflectives



Save £ 1000 when buying  ten thousand reflectives



The quality:

Remember, all our Glozone™ reflective high-vis accessories are certified and compliant with the all-important Safety Standard CE EN 13356. Beware of misleading imitations.



Contact us now:

Contact us for your choice of product and your printing requirements (more than one colour print?) and we shall swiftly provide you with the price relevant to you (there are simply too many variables to list without glazing over).

> Prices include printing and Standard shipping/delivery to your address in the UK. Contact for overnight and/or other countries.


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Authentic Glozone quality reflectives for personal road safety

Original Glozone™ reflectives Fit for purpose


































































All Glozone™ high-vis reflectives are Safety Standard CE EN 13356 certified and compliant


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