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Emergency roadside breakdown & recovery:

Personalized high-visibility reflective waistcoat/vest

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CE EN 471 Class II compliant high visibility wear:

This safety standard is for professional use because your breakdown may happen on high speed roads like highways and even motorways, and that calls for visibility over very long distances.

Our high visibility waistcoats of this category comply with the safety standard that also applies to ambulance personnel, fire and rescue, motorway & highway maintenance personnel, police and other professional use of such calibre.

A real "glove-compartment aid" for everyone's car - or vehicle of any type. >> A "Glove-box buddy" by any other name.

reflective breakdown vest for your glove compartment
Hi-viz when you really need it
Don't step out of your vehicle without one

EN471 compliant roadside breakdown high visibility gilets promoting your name!



  • Fluorescent Lime day glow reflective vest / waistcoat that opens and closes on the front with authentic Velcro® brand fastening (Hook & loop).
  • With 2 x 5 cm wide (ca. 2") horizontal reflective bands around front and back.
  • 100 polyester. One size fits all.
  • Compliant with the european Safety Standard CE EN 471 Class II for professional use e.g. Ambulance, Police etc (as well as for personal use).
  • Our vest comes in its own pouch for easy storage in the glove compartment of the vehicle. This also protects the vest from dirt and grit for a longer life.
  • We can print this handy pouch with your company logo/message.
  • The waistcoat itself can also be printed on the back and/or front.
  • Available with or without print (Min. quantity 100 applies for printing).


  • Do not be reckless with lives!
  • Insist on CE EN 471 compliant reflective vests. We do.

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For community relations, business promotion and awareness campaigns. Essential road safety reflectives for your fleet.

Quality reflective roadside emergency breakdown wear

Quality high visibility reflective emergency roadside breakdown wear


CE EN 471 compliant reflective wear when only  the best is good enough

Here's our roadside emergency breakdown vest.

Quality reflective high-vis.

A must for the car, van or the whole fleet. This invaluable breakdown aid could also be personalized and promoting your organisation!



One size fits all and in convenient pouch for handy glove compartment storage

With handy pouch for storing in the glove compartment.

We will print it your way!



Here you would need reflective wear you can really trust

As neon reflective promotional gifts go, the benefits speak for themselves here. Give something unforgettable!

Order extra for your own personnel!

northern lights promotions. Seriously contributing to British road safety.


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