Glozone reflective road safety key ring hang tags


Glozone™ high-vis reflective key ring pendants

a.k.a. Jitterbugs / key-fobs / hanging-tags / hang-tag reflectors / hi-vis hangers / dangle tags / hi-vis pendants

Personalized and customized for your promotion campaign!

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This little lifesaver has many names. Many shapes too. Brilliant reflectives for trainers, bags and luggage, and to hook onto clothing, bags or footwear. They are delivered with a familiar ball-chain (the sort you find on clothing in a store, showing details of a garment), or a cord and pin.

Compliant with the all-important European Safety Standard CE EN 13356.

We can personalize these for your own awareness campaign!

Reflective accessories for making your mark on the occasion. Important when you seek to promote Your Company's name, brand and mission.



Fig. 1:

Printing / personalizing / customizing:

Glozone™ hang tags / key rings can be printed your way internally or externally and in one or more colours of print. The reflective colours are Fluorescent Lime (day glow) and traditional White (silver-white) - The two reflective colours that are compliant with the all-important European Safety Standard CE EN 13356.

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personalised day glow lime reflective keyrings
Glozone™ personalised keyrings in day-glow lime reflective high-vis material


Fig. 2:


The soft dangling tags are delivered in individual pouches with a ball-chain (Or neon string and pin), then packed in bags. The string is typically neon-colored, making it an integral part of the fluorescent reflective tag.

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Glozone key rings delivered in pouches with either metal ball-chain OR neon string and pinKeyrings in pouches come with either metal ball-chain OR neon string and pin

Reflective promotional gifts.  Don't skimp on the spec! Make sure they're Glozone™!

How are they worn & where are they used

On clothing:

The Glozone™ soft key-ring / "Jitterbug" pendant is typically attached to the pocket lining or side or button-hole of a jacket or outer garment, using the "ball-chain" or string and safety pin supplied. The pocket lining is a very handy option, as you just keep the key-ring / "Jitterbug" pendant in your pocket until you need it, and then you just "whip" it out. And there it dangles, reflecting vehicle headlights, the way it is designed to.

On back packs or bags:

The key-ring / "Jitterbug" pendant is also ideally attached to back-packs and bags. These can be lap top (notebook) carriers, briefcase or work bags, back packs for school / college / university, or for trekking or travel, or sports bags.

On footwear:

Thread your shoe-laces through your key-ring / "Jitterbug" pendant instead of the ballchain or pin. Great on trainers!

The Glozone™ soft key-rings / "Jitterbug" pendants are used by people of all ages, for sport, for today's lifestyle, for personal road safety, and especially as a statement in an awareness campaign! In fact, for any outdoor activity where it would be an advantage for both wearer and message to be seen!

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The make-up:

We make the Glozone™ soft, high frequency welded key-rings / dangling tags, using only CE EN 13356 compliant, retro-reflective sheeting. This makes Your Company Name look striking on the product, whether on White or Fluorescent Lime such sheeting.

Note: We also internally background-print White reflectives, which translucent qualities allow for any printed colour under the rainbow to show through, further personalizing your high-vis gifts.

The key-ring / "Jitterbug" pendant has 2 faces:

The high-vis key rings have reflective material on the front and back and you can have Your Company brand and details printed on one or both sides.

There is a whole assortment of shapes and sizes to choose from. On top of that, you can have your own key-rings / "Jitterbug" pendants / dangle tags custom made to just about any shape, size or design of your choosing.

We shall be only too happy to advise on clever cost-cutters and things to avoid etc, and help you arrive at a design entirely to your satisfaction.


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Wear & care:

Glozone™ reflective key-rings / "Jitterbug" pendants / dangle tags are highly visible. The lower on your person they are worn, the better, as the headlights of a motor vehicle approach us from the ground up.

For care, wipe evenly with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash. A damaged key-ring / "Jitterbug" pendant / dangle tag should be discarded and replaced.

The performance of the Glozone™ reflective key-ring / "Jitterbug" pendant / dangle tag is not impaired by rain or when wet.

Reflective promotional merchandise.  For all the right reasons - Choose Glozone™!

Prices start from less than 39p per CE EN 13356 certified key ring

Customizing your promotional key ring gifts:


Illustration 1:

Personalized "Round" soft keyrings:
Reflective colour
day glow Lime

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Personalized "Round" high visibility key rings
Personalized "Round" key fobs


Illustration 2:

The Glozone™ hang tags / key rings can be printed on the surface in one or more colours.

Available in either white or fluorescent lime reflective material.

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High-vis key rings / hang tags are available in white or neon lime reflective material
High-vis in white or neon material


Illustration 3:

These key-ring / key fobs can also be printed internally, even in full colour. This means you can actually have a photographic image printed internally behind the near-transparent (white) reflective material.

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Optional extra: Internal background colour for further colour choice
Optional extra: Internal background colours for greater colour choice. This retains 100% reflectivity.


Illustration 4:

Ultimately, of course, you can have your own key rings / dangle tags custom made to just about any shape, size or design of your choosing.

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"Mascot" shape in lime and also white reflective material
Model 12 Mascot in Lime and White Have your details printed on them!


We offer FREE consultation and advise, to help you arrive at a design entirely to your satisfaction.

Contact us for details!


Illustration 5:

Glozone™ hang tags / key rings printed in one or more colours

Glozone hang tags / key rings printed in one or more colours
Glozone™ hang tags customised for events


Illustration 6:

Ghost-shaped dangling tag as standard shape - Brilliant for halloween related events!

Ghost shaped hang tag available as standard shape - Brilliant for halloween related events!








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