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Glozone™ reflective Oyster card wallet/Bus pass holder:

Simply a must as a travelling companion for all who enjoy or depend on public transport, this quality ticket holder is both fluorescent high-vis and reflective and capable of grabbing the driver's attention some 250 meters away!

On a filthy [winter's] day, on the way to or from work, the commuter will not fail to hail that ride with this little gem. (Sorry leather holder, step aside while we raise the bar here!)

Our original Glozone™ high-vis accessories are simply better specification personal reflectives by design.

They are also subjected to stringent quality controls.

Because when they are as good as this they live up to the European Safety Standard CE EN 13356.

Personal road safety and outstanding promotion campaigns are as important to us as they are to our customers, and to this end we wouldn't associate our name with anything less. This is also why our customers choose us.

Why don't you give us a try too?

Ideal for organisations within, or associated with, the public transport sector; coach and tour operators, and the travel industry, plus all who can see how their public can benefit from these gems as a valued promotional gift, with a message or awareness campaign of your choice in mind.

Don't be reckless with your name and reputation. We're not.
But then, we're not reckless with people's lives either!

"No egg on face. High vis fit for purpose. For campaigns that get noticed."


High viz reflective Oystercard travel ticket holder
For successfully hailing that ride after dark


Your choice of card holder / ticket wallet sizes available:

Deep wallet 133 x 54mm

Wide wallet 95 x 70mm

Travel ticket holder with cut-away for thumb grip on opening atop.
White with transparent pocket on one side with Fluorescent Lime (day glow yellow) or White (silver-white) reflective material on the other.

Available with silk screen printing internally or exterally, in one or more colours of print.

Own dimensions are welcome at a one-off tooling cost of £ 195.00 + VAT

Note! The dimensions of a typical TravelCard or pass in Britain is like a credit card i.e. 86 x 54mm and would take the Wide wallet model.

Single journey bus tickets would fit in both Deep and Wide wallet models.


Instructions for use:

The Glozone™ hi-vis reflective ticket wallets / travel card holders are highly visible. Simply hold with your arm raised in front of you the way you have always hailed a bus or a cab.

Instructions for care:

For care, wipe evenly with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash.
A damaged ticket holder should be discarded and replaced.

The performance of the high visibility Glozone™ reflective travel card holderis not impaired by rain or when wet!


Corporate gifts for business promotion and personal road safety awareness campaigns.

And all compliant with the all-important european safety standard ce en 13356. Quality.

Northern Lights Promotions

Passionate about personal road safety

High viz reflective Oystercard travel ticket wallet



Our Wide model is ideal for all travel tickets including Oyster cards and Oyster Visitor Cards, LondonTravelcards, ZoneCard, The London Pass and regional equivalents throughout Britain.




Flag down your transport with this reflective travel ticket wallet after dark
Successfully hail that ride after dark!

Printing your ticket holders:

Have your Glozone™ high vis reflective Oyster card / Bus ticket wallet or holder printed in one or more colours either internally or externally!


Please note:

When a lot of graphics is required, we recommend internal printing, as this retains 100% of the product's reflectivity!


Please see our guide to printing, graphics and design or contact us to discuss your requirements.


Glozone™ high vis reflective Oyster card / Travel ticket holders are for awareness campaigning and personal road safety.


Glozone™ Oyster Card / Travel ticket holders are made with Safety Standard CE EN 13356 compliant reflective material on the back for hailing that ride after dark.



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A better high vis product? We certainly believe so. You always get what you pay for. Pay less; get a lesser product.

But when human lives are at stake we do not believe there is room for compromise on specifications. Our ethos is shared by our customers:

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