northern lights promotions for original Glozone high visibility personal reflective accessories for promotion and road safety campaigning


High-vis reflective products overview

Our reflectors are both certified and compliant with Safety Standard CE EN 13356 for personal road safety
Safety Standard CE EN 13356 certified and compliant high-vis reflectives

Not toys.

CE EN 13356 compliant hi-viz for personal road safety campaigns:

Slap wrap wristbands

Velcro-attached soft arm/wristbands

Soft Key rings / Hang tags / Jitter bug pendants / Dangle tags

Stickers (New shapes!)

Running vests / Sports gilets

Emergency roadside brakdown vest / waistcoat with own pouch

Flashing L.E.D. light attachments for slap wraps and wristbands

Lanyards with Narrow or Wide reflective strips

Oyster Card holder / Bus ticket or pass cover (reflective) -NEW!

See grid below for product selection.

We can print these your way! Contact us for details.

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All reflectives are customizable - We can print them your way!


Original Glozone™ reflective accessories for high visibility road safety campaigns by UK #1 favourite specialist suppliers Northern Lights Promotions.


reflective high-vis slap wristbands
Reflective high-vis slap wristbands

Custom made hi-vis slap bracelets
Custom made hi-vis slap bracelets

Personalized hi-viz slap wrap bands
Personalized hi-viz slap bands

Flashing LED bug for slap wraps
Flashing LED bug for slap wraps

Light emitting diode for wristbands
Light emitting diode for wristbands

Flashing LED light for reflective armbands
Flashing LED light for armbands

Soft Velcro®brand fastened arm / wristbands
Velcro® fastened armbands

Lanyard with wide reflective strip
Lanyard with wide reflective strip

Lanyard with narrow reflective strips
Lanyard in narrow reflective strips

Emergency roadside breakdown high vis wear in handy glovebox pouch
Roadside breakdown high vis vest in a handy glovebox pouch

High vis wear for running and cycling
High vis wear for running and cycling

Personalized high vis campaign key rings
Personalized high vis key rings

Halloween themed key ring reflector
Reflective Halloween ghost keyring

Reflective footprint shaped key fob
Reflective footprint key ring


Reflective hand shaped high vis road safety campaign stickers by the sheet
Reflective hand-shaped hi-viz stickers


Hail that ride with a reflective oystercard travel ticket cover
Reflective Oyster card / ticket holder


Personalize Glozone reflectives for your own campaign:

Let us print our reflective accessories your way for memorable promotion. You can even have your own shape custom made!

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The "win-win":

Impactful promotional campaigns while addressing serious issues that concern us all: Personal road safety, carbon emissions and obesity.

Glozone original. Beware of poor imitations!
Beware of cheap imitations

Take your campaigns to new heights with personalized Glozone™ reflective promotion gifts!

Promote your organisation and put something back into your community too! Establish yourselves as the benchmark in your industry.

Glozone slap wrap wristband reflectors in Fluorescent Lime - Pure gold

Glozone™ reflective promotional gifts for all your stakeholders - and their families!

Pure gold.


Reflective arm bands, wrist-bands, authentic Velcro® brand fastened armbands, key-rings hang tags or jitterbug pendants, reflective stickers and slap wraps or snap bands. For outstanding promotion campaigns, the Glozone range of european safety standard ce en 13356 compliant neon day glow reflective is fit for purpose.


Don't skimp on the specifications. Human lives deserve Glozone™ high-vis.

Northern Lights Promotions. Seriously contributing to British road safety


ce en 13356 safety standard marking on every reflective armband

Soft Velcro attached arm, wrist or ankleband individually marked with the all-important european Safety Standard CE EN 13356


ce en 13356 safety standard marking on every Glozone reflective accessory

Slap wrap individually marked with the CE EN 13356 Safety Standard!


They just love being seen!

Glozone originals for promotion and personal road safety

Trusted quality chosen by professionals
Fit for purpose.