Glozone high vis reflective road safety slap wraps



Glozone™ hi-vis reflective slap wrap bracelets

Personalized slap bracelets for your promotion campaign!

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Single colour printed slapwrap bracelets for the Cambridge Big Weekend

Custom printed Glozone hi-vis reflective slap wrap bracelets

Glozone™ custom printed hi-vis reflective slap wrap bracelets

personalized slap wrap  road safety gifts at the Cambridge Big Weekend event

Personalized slap wrap road safety gifts abound at the Cambridge Big Weekend compliments of Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge and Chelmsford for their Travel green campaign


Original Glozone™ slap wraps - the conscientious choice

(They are also known as hi-vis slap bracelets, slap bands, slap wristbands, slappits, snap bands and more)

Our original Glozone™ slap wrap bracelets are simply better personal reflectors by specification and design and are subjected to stringent quality control.

Because when they are as good as this they can save lives! They are of course, European Safety Standard CE EN 13356 compliant reflectors.

Personal high visibility on roads is a passion with us and offering our Glozone™ customized promotional gift reflectors are how we address that. This is important to our customers too, and this is why they come back to us for more.

Why don't you give us a try too?

Original Glozone™ slap wrap bracelets are fit for purpose


slap wrap wristband and bicycle clip reflectors

Slap wrap wristband and bicycle clip hi vis reflectors


Instructions for wearing slapwrap wristbands:

The spring-coiled slapwrap wristband is straightened by stretching flat and then pinching with your thumbs at the extremities. Now ready, "slap" it across your wrist or ankle and it will wrap around for wearing.

Note! Once straight, do not attempt to bend further (the wrong way) as this may damage the product.

The Glozone™ hi-vis reflective slapwrap wristbands are highly visible.

Hint! The lower on your person they are worn, the better, as the headlights of a motor vehicle reach us from the ground up.



slap wrap wristband demo illustration

Slap wrap wristband demo illustration:

  1. Stretch and pinch the ends flat

  2. Aim across wrist (or ankle)

  3. Slap onto wrist (or ankle)

  4. Let go and it wraps around wrist (or ankle)


Your choice of slap wrap wristband shapes available:

Click for large image of fluorescent lime slap wrap
Winter length slap wrap measuring one foot two inches in length by one inch in width
Wide-cut slap-wrap, measuring one foot in length by two inches width

Standard slap wrap


31 X 320mm.

Worn round wrist or ankle. For children and grown-ups alike.




Also available in White (silver).

White slap wrap blank without print - Click for large image

Click for larger image

Winter slap wrap


31 X 380mm.

Worn round upper arm, wrist or ankle. Made especially for fitting round padded winter clothing.

Wide slap wrap


50 X 320mm.

For stamping customized shapes! (Requires tools)

Worn round wrist or ankle. Fits children and grown-ups alike.

This slap-wrap is made extra wide to facilitate tooling custom-shapes from the slap-wrap itself, customizing the slap wrap entirely your way! (Lorry, train; any shape within product dimensions!)



Hint! Personalized slapwrap reflector - Add our URL to your details for a discounted price. Contact for details


Instructions for care of slapwrap wristbands:

For care, wipe evenly with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash.
A damaged slapwrap wristband should be discarded and replaced.

The performance of Glozone™ slapwrap wristbands is not impaired by rain or when wet!

Hint! Keep in your jacket or overcoat pocket - Always to hand when needed!



Hi vis reflectors for personal road safety without compromise!

  • Glozone™ high visibility reflective slap wraps have rounded edges to prevent possible accidents associated with sharp corners.

  • With our wider weld, accidentally splitting a slap wrap open is not a problem associated with Glozone™ slap wraps!

  • The steel spring inside of our slap-wrap has been developed specially for the Glozone™ slap wrap for lasting strength.

A better slap wrap? We certainly believe so. You get what you pay for, but when human lives are at stake, there should be no compromise on specifications.

Here is what our customers have to say about it!

How are they worn & where are they used?

Glozone™ Standard Model slap wraps are typically worn round wrists and ankles by people of all ages, for sport and leisure, and also as a statement in an awareness campaign. In fact, for any campaign and outdoor activity where it would be an advantage for both wearer and your message to be seen!

The Glozone™ XL Model slap wraps are two inches longer and typically worn over wintercoats and sometimes preferred by cyclists round ankles, but the latter we have found to be a matter of personal preference.

The Glozone™ slap wrap is an excellent high-vis reflective bicycle clip, offering far greater reflectivity and conspicuity in traffic, than the more conventional reflective bicycle clip.

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awareness campaigns | promotional events | high vis road safety

Corporate gifts, exhibition handouts, trade show give-aways, business promotion and incentives - And all compliant, marked, and certified in accordance with the all-important european safety standard ce en 13356. Quality.

Printed Glozone hi-vis reflective wristbands for safe Halloween fun and themed events

Northern Lights Promotions - Passionate about personal road safety

Personalized high visibility reflective promotional gifts for saving lives in traffic.

Glozone™ road safety reflectors is the conscientious choice



Glozone CE EN 13356 certified hi vis slap wrap bracelet from 64p apiece


Illustration 1:

Personalized slap wrap wristbands: Reflective colour White

Click for full image

Personalized slap wrap wristbands in reflective colour White


Illustration 2:

Personalized slap wrap wristbands: Reflective colour Lime

Click for full image

personalized slap wristbands in lime reflective colour


Illustration 3:

Personalized slap wrap wristbands: Reflective colour Lime

Click on for larger image

Personalized slap wrap wristbands: Reflective colour Lime


Illustration 4:

Personalized slap wrap wristbands: Reflective colour White

Mouse over

Popular repeating logo printed white slap wraps

Illustration 5: (Below)

Multi-coloured patterns internally printed on slap wrap wristbands:

Reflective colour Lime and White

Please note: Actual patterns may vary.

Click on for larger image

colour-patterned slap wraps


Illustration 6:

"In the headlights!"

Ankles are seen by drivers before wrists because headlights approach us from the ground up.

High vis round the ankles as well as wrists. Clever.

Printing your promotional gifts:

Have your reflective slap wraps personalized your way!

You can have your details printed on any reflective product in the Glozone™ range.

In fact, your Glozone™ slap wraps can be printed in one or more colours either internally or externally!

You can even have the back (flock side, next to skin) printed. Ideal for contact details like your website address and telephone numbers.

Please note:

When a lot of print is required, we recommend internal printing, as this retains 100% of the product's reflectivity!

Please see our guide to printing, graphics and design or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Glozone™ high vis reflective slap wrap bracelets are for awareness campaigning and personal road safety.

Please note that these personalized hi-vis reflective slap wraps are sometimes also known as slap bands, slappits, snap bands, slap bracelets, slap wrist bands, snappy wristbands, slappy bracelets and more.

They were always slap wraps, but they seem to have attracted a whole ream of aliases over the last ten years.


Glozone™ slap wrap reflectors are made with Safety Standard CE EN 13356 compliant reflective material on the front, flock/velour on the back (like suede to the touch), and an internal steel spring.



Commemorative slap wrap reflectors celebrating Her Majesty's 90th birthday






Trusted life saving quality




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