Personalised high visibility reflective running vests


Personalized high visibility reflective running gilet / jogging vest

For personal road safety and promotion campaigns:

CE EN 1150 compliant high visibility wear for running and cycling:

Personalized reflective jogging vests, reflective sports vest for personal road safety, European Safety Standard EN 1150 compliant reflective wear for a safer outdoors.

You can have these Sports Vests personalized for team events and promotion.
Reflective vests for those who want safety, comfort and quality all in the one and same product. The Sports Vest is perfectly visible in all weather conditions.

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Illustration of typical area for printing on either side of running vest

Illustration of typical printing area of front and/or back of jogging vest/running gilet.

The Sports Vests are fastened with authentic Velcro® brand fastening (Hook & loop) on the sides. See image to the right. Pull over head and fasten the sides. Or leave sides fastened and just pull over head.


  • Road safety without compromise
  • Powerful reflective strips ensure that the wearer is highly visible at a great distance, thus greatly enhancing the personal safety of the wearer.
  • The Sports Vest is made in a day-glo fluorescent yellow, breathable material (100% polyester).
  • Lightweight materials allow for the Sports Vest to fold small and flat, ideal for putting in the pocket when not worn. A real Christmas stocking filler!
  • Available with or without print.
  • Available in the following sizes: XXS - XXL: For optimum fit and comfort.
  • Ideal for people of all ages, for sport, for leisure, for comfort and of course, for personal road safety - in your community!
  • Recommended uses include walking, running, bicycling, skate boarding, roller blading and roller skiing.

In fact, for any outdoor activity where it would clearly be an advantage for the wearer to be high viz!

This product is compliant with CE EN 1150 for personal road safety


As a guide determine the required sizes according to the physical height of the user:

Garment size chart


Physical height:

(3 - 5 Years)

< = 105cm /3'6"

(6 - 10 Years)

< = 120cm /4'


< = 140cm /4'6"


< = 160cm /5'


< = 180cm /5'6"


< = 190cm /6'


< = 210cm /6'6"


For community relations and sports event sponsorship.

Reflective promotional gifts.  For all the right reasons - make sure they're Glozone™! 

personalized running wear for sponsored sports events
Personalized running wear that's noticeable



Quality lightweight and breathable for comfort

Also available without print



Glozone original reflective wear - Second to none
Printed reflective promotional gifts

























northern lights promotions. Seriously contributing to British road safety.


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