Glozone high vis fund raising campaign stickers


Glozone™ high-vis reflective campaign stickers

Personalized and customized for your promotion campaign!

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Great stickers for "Say-no-to" campaigns (bullying, smoking etc.)
Printed campaign stickers by the sheet
Halloween - Be seen be safe trick-or-treating! (Also available as a key ring / hangtag)
For" No!" campaigns:
No smoking, No bullying etc
Delivered in sheets Halloween fun and safety in the dark?


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Glozone™ stickers:

> We make Glozone™ soft, high frequency welded Stickers, using safety standard compliant material, the likes of 3M Scotchlite™ High Gloss or Reflexite™ retro-reflective film.

> The stickers have reflective material on the front and "Permanent" adhesive on the back. "Permanent" adhesive will stick to most surfaces including textiles and metal, and after 36 hours, handle a gentle wash.

> The stickers come laminated on sheets of backing paper.The quantity per sheet depends on the size and shape of the sticker, and we name them accordingly: e.g. Model 6 being laminated sheets of 6 stickers, model 16 being 16 stickers per sheet. On this note, not only do we have the necessary expertise, but even special software to assist us: This means we will always get the maximum number of stickers possible out of the given sheet of retro-reflective material, keeping costs down and MAKING YOUR MONEY GO FURTHER!

> If there is a considerable amount of print required, we recommend internal printing, as this will preserve 100% reflectivity. Please ask for details.

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Wear & care:

Glozone™ reflective stickers are highly visible. The lower on your person they are worn, the better, as the light beams of a motor vehicle shine from the ground up.

For maximum adhesion, area for application must be free from grease, clean and dry. Peel off the backing paper, and apply the sticker to the desired area for adhesion.


For care, wipe evenly with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash.

Do not cover out of sight with outer garments, bags, or items of clothing.

A damaged sticker should be discarded and replaced.

The performance of a Glozone™ reflective sticker is not impaired by rain or when wet!


Glozone™  original reflectives.

The certification is for the two reflective colours currently approved by the CE EN 13356 Standard, namely White and Fluorescent Lime. Both work great all year round, and Fluorescent Lime also works 24/7!

For other colours see internal printing!


How are they worn & where are they used?

These really lend themselves for awareness campaigns where great numbers are involved. Don't skimp on the specifications here!

Great as exhibition handouts and event give-aways for business promotion and road safety campaigning.

On clothing including headwear:

Glozone™ soft Stickers are typically stuck onto the front and/or the back of a jacket or outer garment, but also to the sleeve or the back of the collar (neck). Also great onto headwear, including crash-helmets (wherever this does not contravene the law in any way); onto hats, baseball caps, sun-visors and headbands.

On back-packs and bags:

The stickers are well suited, attached to all manner of back packs and bags. These can be lap top (notebook) carriers, brief-cases or work bags, back packs for school / college / university, or for trekking or travel, or sports bags even. Awareness campaigns work particularly well with Glozone™ Stickers - they're so visual and, well, highly visible!

- Brilliant for getting that message across!

For all your sports equipment on wheels:

They're great on roller-blades or roller skates, and cool on skateboards (functional when carried - When riding the skateboard we recommend Glozone™ slap wraps or Glozone™ wrist bands). A must for your bicycle, and bike-trailers cannot be without! Your motorized scooter has to have one, and they'd do justice to your moped too. With Glozone™reflective performance and functionality, they're even respectable on a Harley! On a links course? Stick it on your golf bag!

Not just any high-vis


Glozone™  original reflective promotional merchandise for personal road safety.

Desirable promo gifts for all your stakeholders - and their families!


Prices from 33p per CE EN 13356 certified sticker

How do you intend to distribute your stickers?


Illustration 1:

The soft stickers are delivered on backing paper per sheet or in rolls, and these may be perforated for tearing off individually for immediate or later use.

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Click for larger image of Hand-shaped reflective high vis stickers
Larger image of high-vis stickers

Illustration 2:

Alternatively, they can be delivered on sheets without perforation, for "peel-off only" distribution for immediate use.

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Click for larger image of personalized Square reflective high vis stickers
Larger image of reflective hi-vis stickers

Illustration 3:

The stickers may also ultimately be packaged individually in pouches for a nominal extra charge. For immediate use or protected for later use.

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Click for larger image of internally printed personalized Hand-shaped reflective high vis stickers in individual pouches
Hi-viz stickers individually in pouches


Printing and personalising

Glozone™ stickers can be printed in one or more colours.

Internally as well.

Even on the backing paper.

Contact now for options and advice on graphics and design.


Illustration 4:

Personalized high-vis reflective stickers for road safety campaigning.

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Click for larger image of personalized Hand-shaped reflective high vis stickers
Personalized high visibility stickers


Illustration 5:

Personalized hand-shaped sticker on a backpack for high vis road safety and campaigns.

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Stickers stick to clothing bags and luggage and more
Sticker highly visible on a backpack


Illustration 6:

Personalized "Star" shaped reflective high vis sticker.

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Click for larger image of personalized Star-shaped reflective high vis stickers
Personalized Star shaped sticker



Glozone campaign stickers in high-vis


Glozone™ reflective high vis stickers - Fit for purpose



Not only reflective promotional merchandise -

Ours really can save lives!


  • For awareness campaigns.
  • For charity fund raising.
  • For personal road safety


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