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The Magna Carta of road safety reflectors for non-professional use

This came about by way of the European Safety Standard CE EN 13356 at the turn of this century, and has been a milestone for personal road safety in terms of high visibility reflective wear ever since.


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As a consequence, we are now able to distinguish between the substandard look-alikes happily mistaken for the real thing, and life-saving reflectors, and make informed and ethical decisions we can live with.

Glozone™ reflectors are delivered, marked CE EN 13356 for easy confirmation of compliance.

It is unlawful to show this mark on non-compliant reflectors.
Make sure the one you choose offers this!


ceen 13356 certification for road safety reflectors
ceen 13356 certification mark for road safety reflectors


To reinforce the mindset, a similar analogy would be to compare a Bonfire Night or New Year's Eve fireworks rocket with a certificated yachting emergency flare.

These too would differ very much in quality and specifications, price, and above all, performance. While to a layman it could be argued that both simply shoot up in the air and are lit, so both can do the job, the more enlightened of customers might appreciate that one is merely a bit of visual fun, while the other is there to save lives.

We are asking everyone to take onboard this distinction

For the benefit of personal road safety in our communities across the UK.

Northern Lights Promotions are leading UK specialist suppliers of custom printed Glozone™ reflectors, from the ever-popular slap wrap bracelets to the other high-visibility business gifts in our range - All for personal road safety.

Our Glozone™ range of reflective accessories was the first in the whole of Europe to comply with the all-important Safety Standard CE EN 13356 for personal use, and to attain certification accordingly.

Prior to this important event, there were no guidelines governing reflectors for "non-professional use".


Glozone™ personal reflectors stand out from the rest.

Reassuring for riders and pedestrians alike.

The informed choice.

The Magna Carta of road safety reflectors for non-professional use


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